PULSAR -about

PULSAR S HPA Engine with TITAN II Bluetooth® - the world’s cheapest & most advanced single solenoid HPA engine. The first HPA engine controlled by ETU with optical sensors. Thanks to the newest flagship TITAN II Bluetooth® in tandem with HPA technology you get a ludicrous trigger response, unknown before in the airsoft world. With the user-friendly GCS App for smartphones you can manage your AEG settings live, even straight from the field! Set the fire selector modes, trigger sensitivity, ROF or connect smartwatch in order to know how many BBs are still there in your magazine. The whole electronics lies inside of a gearbox (free space in a butt stock or a grip). For the first time ever, users of HPA replicas can experience a multitude of airsoft replica settings and configurations as well as optical trigger sensor, what has been till now possible only for AEGs' users. With the newest sensor you can set a trigger sensitivity unattainable before - even 50 sensitivity points in the 1st millimeter of movement. Finally, the GATE technology breaks into the world of HPA replicas. Take your replica into the future!